Thursday, May 20, 2010

first post and yum!!

First post!! Okay a bit about me..
I have been a Vegetarian for about three months.. well a full Lacto-vegetarian. I have been toying around with becoming Vegan. Mostly for a couple of reasons.
1.I have this thing for milk and cheese and found a site that reflected what really happens in factory farming.
2.I grew up in a small farming community.. yes where one knew their meat by name. Seeing # 1 and the fact that most if not all local farms are gone, I am having no other choice but to rely on Factory farmed dairy. Not to happy about that

I grew up where a person would run to the Dairy for milk and butter, stop by the chicken farmers to get a dozen eggs and a chicken.. I grew up where the butcher would come out in the fall and butcher right at the farm. Different times.... now not so much.

Commercial farming around where I lived was not what it is today.. nothing. So this is why I have been really trying to move towards being a vegan. I know that not everyone has the same experience as I did and I know everyone has there own path and one that they can only walk. I will not impose mine and will not allow you to impose yours unto me. I am a vegetarian trying to move towards becoming a Dietary Vegan.. your patients is appreciated.

Okay with that said on to some YUM I make yesterday!!

I came across this site while watching some you tube ….
Spicy Italian Vegetarian Sausage
( I just love that site)
I am always looking for something that is filling and satisfies the occasional craving for “meat.” BUT It has to taste good or at least be bearable. Okay.. onward!

I have as of late been playing with vital wheat gluten... yup Seitan.

You know the stuff left over from wheat flour.... the protein.
So far in my limited experience I had only boiled the stuff.. and while I found it to be a bit rubbery, I did find it tasted good blended well with sauces.
But boiling all the time is well.... BORING!
This recipe is fun just remember to use COLD water while mixing so you don't activate the gluten. Other wise well.. just try it and see LOL …..(joking)
okay here are some pics...

okay no it is not a piece of poo!!!!
 This is  about 1/4 cup and you kind of make it look  like this!

This is going to be steamed so you can either put it in  some muslin or the like or use foil as I did :)

Wrap it up and then tuck the ends in like this....

now you can make them little like I did ... I got twelve sausages...  but you can make them as 1/2 cups and get about 8 links.

yep it is my homemade "steamer" and I did them in batches of six. You steam them for about 30 min. and then ....

you get these!!!!!!
I tried them right out of the steamer..... kind of soft for my taste.. but the flavor was killer!!!
I popped them in the fridge and today they have the texture more of a "meat"!!!

Was I able to sneak it past my meat eaters?!?!
Nope.. not plain anyway.. I may slip it in something or just save them all for me!

Want to try them your self?

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